I have been waiting for you (Date 23/12/2021) welcome the TheGame!

This version is subtitled "Team Bad Apples" - You are in good company as many others have been here or in simular positions with me previously, organisations larger than yours, they are removed upon capitulation. 

You have been informed of the rules, the tricks and the sideswipes as part of TheGame! be careful each time you trip up, it will place you in a worse position a bit like shooting yourself in the foot.

The best way to get out of this game is get a heart, become community minded or give up in public service, capitulate via discussion, something has to change.


Ultimately this is about how some Council officers and others within a council move from one council to another causing mayhem we are left to live in, they create havoh through a myriad of reasons and move jobs. Leaving us wrongly distrusting all council workers which is wrong, unfair and rebounds in our everyday life, hundreds of good public servants cannot shine because of Bad Apples. 

Don't complain about your council it's normally bad apples within. Let get picking into the basket of the council we are "Working with"